Choosing a Web Hosting Service

When it comes to web hosting service, there are many independent reviews on the Internet and you can make your choice following your needs. But at the same time, many hosting providers have realized of the importance of article marketing, as a result, many paid posts appear online and you do not know which web hosting company is reliable indeed. So, I write this article in order to help you find the high-quality hosting services. Here are 5 factors that you should consider when selecting hosting service that suits your needs.

1. Bandwidth

When choosing a hosting, the amount of bandwidth you purchase can be crucial to the success of your site. Generally speaking, the more bandwidth you have, the more traffic your site will be able to handle at one time. In the past time, usually, bandwidth source is expensive. But nowadays, fortunately, bandwidth has been getting cheaper and cheaper. Many webhosting companies promise that they can offer unlimited bandwidth, usually, which may be not reliable. So you should be careful before purchasing one hosting company who tells you that their services are “bandwidth-unlimited”.

2. Uptime

There should be an at least 99% up time. Try your best to choose the hosting service without downtime. Fortunately, with the development of relevant technology, most hosting providers have offered up to 99.99% uptime guarantee.

3. Control Panel

As we all know, cPanel is the most popular control panel. Windows platform is another popular control panel. cPanel does offer more features when compared with Windows, and it’s also more user friendly. When choosing hosting service, remember to purchase the one that you are most familiar with or suits your business online needs. For example, if you plan to build a blog with Z-blog, Windows hosting is your best choice because Z-blog is not friendly with Linux hosting.

4. Disk Space

This factor is not as important as other elements. But big hard disk space is a basic of high-quality hosting products. Nowadays, hardware has become so cheap that most hosting providers have given unlimited disk space limit. For most kinds of sites, you do not need to pay much attention to hard disk space, but if you plan to build file sharing or video websites, then will need a lot of disk space.

5. Price

There are many types of web hosting services, such as shared web hosting, VPS hosting, managed hosting, Linux hosting or special business web hosting for online business, etc and it is obvious that you can purchase your hosting at different costs. The higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise. This is a truth during our daily life.

Exclusive Web Hosting Domain Names

Selecting an appropriate domain name is highly important in web hosting to enhance the diversion of web traffic to your website. A domain name is nothing but a unique name provided to your website. When you select a web hosting service provider, you should insist that the agreement includes a free domain name registration. The domain name selected by you should be simple so that people can easily remember it and type it without much difficulty. A typical domain name is something like ‘’.

DNS and Domain Extensions

When a domain name is registered, it is added to a special web hosting domain name register. The relevant information about your website and the IP address of the website are stored on a server, known as Domain Name System server or DNS server. The function of the DNS server is to communicate with all the other computers that are connected to the Internet and convey your website domain name to them, along with the exact web address. The registration of domain names are done by authorized domain name registration service providers. These providers are capable of offering various types of extensions for the domain names, such,.ca, etc. It is possible to register your website name with several extensions simultaneously. Still, you should select only those extensions that are highly popular to reach maximum number of persons.

Intricacies in Selection of Domain Names

The selection of the domain name is the most important factor in the success of the website in creating or diverting maximum web traffic to the site. The name should be short, since nobody likes to remember or type long names. Further, the name should be simple and not difficult to pronounce or spell. The name should automatically convey the purpose of your business so that people immediately understand what you are offering. At the same time, the name should also contain a word or words that are ranked high by the search engines. This is very important in web hosting.

You should ensure that the domain names offered by the ISPs or other domain name registration service providers are not false domain names. An example is ‘’. This is not a real domain name but only a directory and it should be avoided. Majority of personal and free websites contain such directory names only. Companies promoting their own products or services must select only direct domain names, though this might initially cost a few dollars. It is possible to get a very good, individualistic, unique domain name from $15 onwards in web hosting services.

If you find that the domain name that is most suitable to your business purpose had already been registered, find out whether it still exists. Several registered domain names remain in the registry but are not functional any more. Such names are registered either by speculators who intend to sell them later at a profit or by persons who had the idea of using them but dropped the plan later. Hence, you should pursue this possibility of expired domain names also if you find a domain name most suitable to you is already registered.

Finally, once you have registered your domain name, use it in all your correspondence and web pages so that the potential clients, friends, colleagues, vendors, and other business associates become familiar with the domain name and the real purpose of your web hosting is achieved successfully.

Finding Web Hosting Service Supplier

So if you have created a website, what next step is to be followed to get it online? It’s getting a good web hosting solution provider that can host your website. Related to this factor there are several things that needs to be considered and read before taking the plunge. When you shortlist a number of web hosting companies than go through their price list and the services that they provide in return. As a website owner everyone wants full value for their money and achievement of the intended goals.

Make it sure that the website hosting service provider gives best of quality support which matters to every website. Ask them to provide you with assurance of online assistance if any crisis arises, like editing of website, power cut-off, loss of data or uploading of websites.

While searching for website hosting company you may get the chance to get in contact with service providers that offer hosting services at very cheap rates. But in such circumstances see to it that they are offering strong quality support services when an emergency arises. If their answer is yes then ask them to put that point in the agreement form.

While choosing the website hosting company, never settle for the option where you have doubts in your mind or some unclear points are there regarding their terms and conditions. You can easily find reliable and good web hosting service providers online, just a little research is needed on your part. These companies have required years of experience and have skills. Refer to the testimonial section to know more about their work.

If as a buyer you want to buy website hosting for many sites than it might become a cost effective thing for you and you can get some discount from the web hosting company. Here the web hosting accounts can do execution of the sites on their own. In such deals the site owners gets many email accounts, domains, websites at affordable prices. It works wonders for company who has multiple websites. Hence you don’t need to buy different web hosting account for different website.

Reseller type accounts works best for companies hosting multiple websites, as many business opportunities can be explored. It makes web hosting a cost effective and lucrative deal for the website owners.

A good website hosting service gives its users fast speed, better accessibility, good bandwidth and capacity. When the speed is slow or not responsive, visitors would get frustrated and leave your site. So look out for such points when buying hosting services.